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How to select a software engineering vendor

Lessons from industry insiders

We interviewed Heads of Software Engineering and Product Development to uncover how they sift through emails from companies offering a variety of software engineering services. Trust is the #1 concern when it comes to off-site product development. With the help of our existing clients and interviewees, we identified three factors that can minimize risk and build trust:

  1. In-person Referrals – Don’t just rely on testimonials on websites; ask for an introduction to existing clients.
  2. Micro Engagement – Select a low-risk project involving multiple skillsets to evaluate the vendor’s capabilities.
  3. Relevant Previous Projects – Examples of successful projects in a similar field are a great sign of reliability.


Software Outsourcing is a $85.6 billions $ market in 2018

If you are looking for a long-term tech partner, sustainability and processes are also key. So in addition to the above factors, we identified questions that can help you assess vendors for a long-term partnership:

  • How does the vendor find and retain talent?
  • What tools (software) and techniques does the vendor use to ensure effective remote collaboration?
  • What are the vendor’s best practices to reduce the effect of different time zones?
  • What are the vendor’s code quality control processes?
  • How does the vendor receive and handle engineer performance feedback?

At Galliot, we operate on the basis of trust and quality to become a long-term tech partner. Contact us to learn more about our portfolio of services.


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