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Galliot means a small and swift galley boat propelled by sail or oars. Our consulting team brings your ideas to life—faster. Let our high-quality talent augment your team to deliver robust solutions.

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Data Science and AI

Data is our DNA. From business intelligence to advanced deep learning applications, we build
and apply intelligent solutions.

Product Engineering

Our agile team with global presence can provide end-to-end product engineering, including
UI/UX, backend, infrastructure, and maintenance.

DevOps & Infra.

Our global team can build and provide 24/7 support for cloud infrastructure management, CI/CD, operations, and monitoring.

Quality Assurance

Our dependable team provides scalable QA for various web and mobile products, including
test automation and bespoke reporting.

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Use Case

Machine Learning Operations

We developed a scalable and infrastructure-agnostic machine learning operations platform based on Kubernetes. Designed to run on AWS, GCP, and on-prem, this platform allows users to utilize GPU and CPU instances. Our team designed and developed the product architecture and managed deployments and services for a variety of customers in the healthcare industry.

ML Galliot

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