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Get more out of your business with AI and machine learning programs built for you.

With years of combined experience in AI and ML, Galliot provides the expertise to design, build, and implement custom software.

We provide strategic advisory and implementation for several AI and ML services so your team can continue to automate and innovate ahead of the competition.

AI and Machine Learning Consulting

Deep Learning
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Audio and Speech Processing
Edge and Mobile Machine
Learning Model Optimization
Machine Learning Operations
Deep Learning
Image Processing
Natural Language
Processing (NLP)
Speech Processing

Machine learning
in healthcare

Our machine learning consulting teams have already delivered amazing results to many US-based healthcare organizations. One challenge was trying to develop biometric verification to streamline the flow of healthcare data while ensuring security and enhancing the user experience. We determined that multimodal biometric verification using machine learning and deep learning techniques was the ideal solution..

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