Bringing a comprehensive set of open-source technology and best practices, Galliot provides clear direction and agility to your application lifecycle management pipeline.

We help teams transition quickly and effectively while instilling cross-team collaboration. Achieve automated development operations without having to research dozens of technologies or designing and building these systems on your own.

DevOps Consulting

Continuous Delivery (CD)
Continuous Integration (CI)
Machine Learning Operations
Monitoring and Logging
Infrastructure as a Code
Communication and Collaboration

Five pillars for successful DevOps implementation

DevOps is a culture. To successfully implement it, we automate operations, adopt lean processes, measure rigorously, and share knowledge across the organization.
Our Technologies
Terraform | Galliot Technologies for DevOps
AWS | Supported technology by Galliot
CircleCI | Professional Services Galliot
Kubernetes | DevOps services by Galliot
Vault Hashicorp | Professional Services by Galliot
Helm Professional | Galliot Services
Sentry | Galliot Professional Services
Gitlab Technology Supported by Galliot
New Relic | Technology Supported by Galliot
Grafana Labs | Technology Supported by Galliot
SolarWinds | Technology Supported by Galliot
Data Dog | Professional Services Galliot

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