TinyPose; Human Pose Estimation by Galliot

After working on different implementations of Pose Estimation, Galliot has developed its own proprietary model, "TinyPose". It is an Edge Device-friendly Pose Estimation model applicable in numerous use cases such as fall detection, physiotherapy, workspace safety, occupancy controls, games, etc. TinyPose can be easily implemented in applications that require real-time processing on the edge.

Human Pose Estimation with Deep Learning | Galliot

Human Pose Estimation Applications

Medical Therapeutics
Action Recognition
Occupancy Analytics
Video Games
Augmented Reality
Sports and Fitness
Motion Analysis
Movie and Animation Industry


Galliot Edge Pose Estimation Model Comes with Advantages
High Accuracy on Edge & Cloud
Camera Agnostic
Multiple Instance Detection
Highly Customizable
TensorFlow Services by Galliot
TensorFlow Lite Galliot Services
Pytorch Services by Galliot
scikit-learn | Galliot Supported Technologies
Nvidia Galliot
Google Coral | Edge AI and Deep Learning Services by Galliot

Estimating Human Pose With Edge Deep Learning

Pose Estimation is a Computer Vision technique that estimates the human body pose by localizing the main joints, such as elbows, knees, and ankles, as the key points. There are plenty of pose estimation applications that are especially useful on mobile and embedded devices, including exercise pose correction.

Galliot TinyPose Model for edge Pose Estimation

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