Real-Time Face Mask Detection

Galliot uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor face mask usage in Real-Time to keep businesses safe. On the basis of this approach, we developed various Computer Vision applications, such as Helmet and Work-Glove detection on construction sites and in manufacturing plants for safety control.
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Face Mask Detection with Computer Vision | Galliot

Galliot Solution

During a pandemic, wearing a face mask in public places is one of the most effective methods of keeping our community safe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we at Galliot have started working on a product for real-world Face Mask Detection. We have then optimized our model and made it deployable on Edge and X86 devices.
This model works on low-quality CCTV cameras in crowded environments for real-time applications. To build such a model, we had to create a synthetic dataset for real-time face mask detection. We have designed our model in a way that, using our training codes, you can train new models and develop various applications such as Helmet and Safety-Glove detection for workspace safety surveillance. The dataset and codes for this solution are open-sourced and available in this Galliot GitHub repository.
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Galliot Face Mask Detector Features

Real-Time Performance
Works on Low-Quality Cameras
Deployable on Edge & Cloud
Open-Source Dataset and Codes
NVIDIA Jetson | Edge AI by Galliot
TensorFlow Services by Galliot
Pytorch Services by Galliot
TensorFlow Lite Galliot Services

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