Lanthorn AI - Predict and mitigate COVID-19 risk

Our Edge AI Social Distancing project has evolved into a standalone product, check to learn more.

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Smart Social Distancing
on the Edge of AI

We are introducing an edge AI solution that uses existing infrastructure such as security cameras to measure social distancing intelligently. The solution enables measuring and enforcing social distancing in retails, construction sites, warehouses, etc.

Smart Social Distancing Detection AI Edge

A Practical Approach

Advancements in AI and edge computing technologies such as Jetson Nano or Google Coral Dev Board enable a new type of low cost, secure and accurate solution. Our approach is based on "pedestrian detection" models that are fine-tuned for each environment to maximize accuracy and speed. Then we feed this into a calibration-less distance calculation engine, which will be used to produce customized business reports. All is achieved on an affordable and self-standing edge device that costs less than $200. Read more here.

  • Neuralet smart social distancing architecture
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No Cloud Required

We eliminate the need for complex and expensive cloud infrastructure. Our solution runs on existing hardware infrastructure and state-of-the-art embedded edge devices.

Secure and Private

Our edge AI solution preserves data privacy and security by processing data on edge devices at the user’s end. Other solutions use traditional cloud architecture, sending the data to an external environment.

Identify High-Risk Areas

By identifying high-traffic areas our solution provide insight into the redesigning of spaces to minimize social distancing violations.

Better & Safer Shopping Experience

The data generated by our solution can be shared publicly. It can also make suggestions for the safest time to shop and shoppers can reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and have a better shopping experience.

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