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Introducing Lanthorn.ai

introducing lanthorn.ai


Lanthron.ai is a Video analytics decision support tool to control workplace risk and safety – The Future of Occupancy Analytics & Surveillance

Published date: 09-23-2020

Combat COVID-19 With AI-Enabled Video Analytics: Introducing Lanthorn.ai

Businesses, regardless of industry, are facing a mountainous task when it comes to the creation of a safe environment for their employees and customers. The current approach to mitigating the risk of COVID-19 is archaic and relies on solutions such as stickers on the ground and human supervision.
Lanthorn.ai is here to help businesses -from manufacturing and retail to sports and recreational venues- reduce their risk using the power of AI-enabled Video Analytics. By using Lanthorn.ai, you can predict and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
Our unique algorithm is trained to detect:

  • The number of people in a space to determine occupancy;
  • The distance between people to uncover social distancing violations; and
  • Mask usage to uncover unsafe practices.

The data gathered using our AI algorithm is displayed on Lanthorn.ai’s Dashboard, which gives you insights into:
High-Risk Hours – Lanthorn.ai can assess what hours a location has the most number of violations; so that your business can redistribute traffic and reduce the number of violations.
High-Risk Locations – Lanthorn.ai can identify the areas with the most number of social distancing and mask usage violations and thereby infer which teams need more training to follow COVID-19 protocols.
Comparative Data – By using Lanthorn.ai, you can see how many violations of COVID-19 protocols there are before and after safety training and precautions.

Our Dashboard can be customized to send you alerts using email, text, or other notification platforms. This means you do not have to monitor the Dashboard in order to know when and where you have hotspots.
Lanthorn.ai works by using your existing video feeds. It can process video feeds without ever sending your data outside of your network.

For more information, visit our website, www.lanthorn.ai, or contact us at hello@lanthorn.ai 

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