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Top-Tier Minority-Owned Business on Clutch

Clutch Certified Galliot as a Top-Tier Minority-owned Software Company

According to Clutch, Galliot is a top-tier minority-owned software company

Galliot has been recognized amongst the Top Minority-Owned Software Companies on Clutch in 2022. It has also entered The Manifest’s Top-Performing Minority-Owned Software Development Companies rankings.

Published date: 11-07-2022

Established in 2018, Galliot is a San Francisco-based development team that delivers exceptional products and services. With our offices in Europe and South America, we’ve welcomed various opportunities that shaped us to become the trusted partners that we are today. From web app development to cloud solutions, our team is dedicated to taking on even more daunting challenges for our beloved clients.

Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating website designed to showcase the top service providers from various industries. The site is known for its collection of data-driven client testimonials, market reports, and agency shortlists. 

Clutch offers a certification program aimed at empowering minority-owned firms. The program allowed service providers to self-identify their veteran, minority, and LGBTQ-owned identities. Our team is extremely honored and excited to share with you that Galliot was hailed as a leading minority-owned business on Clutch!

In addition to that, Galliot was also featured on The Manifest’s rankings of the top-performing minority-owned software development companies this 2022.

For those who aren’t familiar with The Manifest, it’s Clutch’s sister site and is a business news platform encompassing the IT, marketing, and business services spaces. We are incredibly grateful to be highlighted by two platforms. Thank you so much to everyone who put their invaluable confidence in Galliot! We appreciate all of you, especially those who generously took the time to review us on Clutch. Your support goes a long way.

Next year will be our fifth anniversary in the business. We cannot wait to see what lies ahead for us. We look forward to seizing more exciting opportunities ahead. Interested to know more about what we can do for you? Connect with us right away, and let’s discuss. Galliot is stoked to hear more from you.

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