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Neuralet has Migrated to Galliot

Neuralet Migrated to Galliot

Galliot now hosts all Neuralet’s content and expertise gained in three years of work and completing high-quality applications, mainly in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Published date: 10-24-2022


If you are looking for Neuralet Articles, you can search for them on Galliot’s Blog Page or take a look at the provided list at the bottom of this page.

To all dear readers who may have been redirected from neuralet.com,

Neuralet has worked as an open-source project in machine learning and artificial intelligence for three years. Our work in Neuralet has since been published for public consumption, and we provided technical support through Slack and email. We hosted several online events and workshops about machine learning, infrastructure, computer vision, etc., and received good feedback from individual engineers and teams from different continents. Among the countries we had subscribers from were Brazil, Egypt, South Korea, India, Nigeria, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, and many more. We realized later that our content had been translated into Chinese and Arabic and was published on other websites in those languages. Some of our technical work has been featured in NVIDIA, Google Edge Computing blog, and other tech publications. We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished in Neuralet over the last 3 years.

Since the beginning, Galliot has sponsored and backed the Neuralet project. To continue this support and align with Galliot’s technical expertise, we have migrated the Neuralet project under Galliot. All of our technical content has been migrated to Galliot’s website, and we will continue to publish more in this area. Our technical capabilities align better with Galliot’s engineering services, and we can assist companies and teams with their machine learning and software development projects. You do not need to do anything as long as you continue to follow our content on galliot.us/blog.

Your subscription to the Neuralet newsletter will be transferred to Galliot, and we will continue to email you updates and content. In case you have not subscribed to our content in Nueralet, you are now able to do so directly in Galliot using the provided section.

Your support is greatly appreciated. It will be a pleasure to host you in Galliot.

The following is a list of Neuralet articles, along with the URL to their new landing pages in Galliot.

Find Neuralet Articles in Galliot:

1- Smart Social Distancing using Edge Computer Vision Part 1

2- Deploying SSD MobileNet Model on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano with TensorFlow

3- Quantization of TF Object Detection API Models (Optimizing Deep Neural Networks with Quantization)

4- Adaptive Learning Computer Vision

5- Real-world Face Mask Detection Part1; Problem Statement

6- Smart Social Distancing Part 2: New Codebase Architecture

7- Real-world Face Mask Detection Part2; A Practical Solution

8- Pose Estimation on NVIDIA Jetson platforms using OpenPifPaf

9- Camera Calibration Using Homography Estimation

10- Adaptive Learning Service Tutorial

11- An Overview of Human Pose Estimation with Deep Learning

12- Adaptive Learning Object Detection Deployment on Edge with NVIDIA DeepStream

13- TinyPose; When your Machine becomes your Trainer (Our Edge-Device Friendly Pose Estimator)

14- NVIDIA DeepStream Python Bindings; Customize your Applications

15- NVIDIA DeepStream Example; a Face Anonymizer using Python Bindings

16- Building Automatic Fall Detection Systems with Computer Vision

17- Human Action Recognition with Deep Learning and Computer Vision

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